Being a Disney diehard means accepting three things: that about 85% of your time is spent singing, that you’re consistently Rafiki-ing your pets, and that no one but other Disney fans will ever truly, fully get you. But that’s okay, because we Disney fans can all console and congratulate each other… and your pets secretly like being Rafiki’d anyways. To remind us that we’re not alone, here are eleven thoughts you probably find yourselves thinking on a daily basis (right?):

1. When some random scrub claims to “loooove” Disney, and then asks you if there’s a difference between Disney World and Disneyland:


“You don’t even know what it MEANS to love Disney, much less “loooove with four O’s” Disney, guy.”

2. When someone tries to tell you that Marilyn Monroe was the model for Tinker Bell, or some similar myth:


“I would educate you, but I literally cannot even begin to summon the energy.”

3. When you casually mention Disney to someone you just met, and their eyes light up with the brilliant gleam of a thousand dying suns:


“At last, I have found a kindred soul.”

4. When one of your non-Disney-fanatic friends agrees to watch a Disney movie with you and it’s not even your birthday:


“Best day ever! I know I say that a lot but I really, actually mean it this time.”

5. When someone tells you Disney is for kids:


“You’re right, it’s totally for kids—both the human kind and the goat kind! It’s also for, including but not limited to: adults, tweenagers, octogenarians, artists, witches and wizards, cat people, dog people, single-celled organism people, spelunkers, mailmen, aspiring welders…”

6. When people assume literally any animated film is Disney:


“Tell us, what’s it like to be so completely, utterly, overwhelmingly wrong?”

7. When a baby you know displays the telltale signs of an early affinity for all things Disney:


“Look at you being an adorable little mini-human with wonderful taste. You’re my favorite niece/nephew. Don’t tell the others.”

8. When your teachers mention Disney and everyone in your class immediately turns and looks at you:


“My time to shine.”

9. When someone says you talk about Disney too much:


“I don’t care.”

10. When someone asks what you love about Disney:


“How do I even begin to count the ways?”

11. When someone says they don’t like Disney:



We’d ask you if you relate to any of these, but that’s a silly question with a predetermined answer, so how about for the comments section you share any other thoughts you’d like to add to this list instead? Go.

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